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Nitai Hershkovits' Lemon The Moon is:

Nitai Hershkovits - Piano

Or Bareket - Bass

Amir Bresler - Drums

RELEASE DATE  October 4, 2019

PRODUCED BY Nitai Hershkovits & Rejoicer


Far Picture Of Bresi

Invite Me, Dance

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Nitai's third album marks his second release on Enja Records.

Lemon The Moon features Nitai's long-time collaborators -- drummer Amir Bresler, who played in Avishai Cohen's trio, along with Nitai, and bassist Or Bareket

Like in his previous albums, Nitai teams with Rejoicer (Yuvi Havkin) to produce this ten- track braid of music; an abundance of musical terrains ranging from the cinematic Invite Me, Dance through the exploratory Bridge Under Water and marbling Ethio-Jazz Bonfire Wiggle to the mischievous Goat, the listener finds proof of true teamwork.


" Hershkovits shows a breathtaking melodic genius...The spontaneous sense of the pianist, the clarity of his swing, his taste for oriental ornaments, his sweetness of feeling -- finally belong to him fully. 

Hershkovits has found the means of expression that best suits his deeply artistic temperament... So many reasons to run to his show and see him play. "


                                                      -- Louis-Julien Nicolaou, Télérama

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Finesse 2018 

"Nitai Hershkovits is a remarkable Pianist...Somewhat reminiscent of a silky-toned old piano swinger such as the late Hank Jones


-- John Fordham, The Guardian

" Hershkovits dances on the keys with the elegance of Fred Astaire and the melancholic wit of Charlie Chaplin! "

     -- Cem Akalin, General Anzeiger Bonn

" Hershkovits touch is stately and refined. He is an emotionally attuned player "


-- Brian Zimmerman, DownBeat Magazine

"Impressionist atmospheres... Poetic, melodic, meditative, jubilant and engaging ..."


-- Jérôm Gillet, Le Noise

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Nitai Hershkovits_Recpublica Studio_2017
Nitai Hershkovits_Recpublica Studio_2017